Forever chasing that long white line...

Happy Sunday!!! I am typing away today in a hotel room in snowy downtown Denver. I am currently out on the Marilyn Manson tour and having a great time. If you see us roll through your town make sure to hit up the show. We started out in San Antonio, TX. The photo below is from that show during the new song, "God's Gona Cut You Down"

Speaking of Marilyn Manson, this week's Best Friends Animal Society weekly photo is a shot I snapped backstage of M this summer in South Dakota. Learn more at

I was able to shoot Bush in Dallas on Friday night when they were opening up for Marilyn Manson. Love that camp and seeing that band live. They bring it 100% every performance.

I added Amy Winehouse, Tool, and a few others to the creative playlist "Make Art Not Friends" I really appreciate everyone who follows it and shares it on their socials. To show you that appreciation, anyone who follows the playlist and shares it on there socials will get a promo code for 50% off the entire online store for a month. Email with the links to your shares and I'll send you a code. That simple.

Cut & Scratch has a new bike project in it thanks to the 5¢ Barber. Stop by and check it out. Also mark your calendar for November 8th when the Death Wish Coffee Bar launches in Cut & Scratch. So excited for this. I'll be slinging the coffee personally for most of November.

Enjoy your week and we'll see you in the inbox next Sunday.

Until then, never comprise your creativity. It's FUCKING yours!

All the best,


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