Rob Fenn Newsletter: October 13, 2019

Rob Fenn Newsletter: October 13, 2019

Just lay back... Let it happen... And remember to breathe... Is the mood I have been in this week. Getting ready to head out on the Marilyn Manson tour on the 23rd and trying to make sure everything can run smooth while I'm out on the road. Someone once asked me how I deal with everything and my reply was simple, "I worked for everything so I can't complain if it gets overwhelming." and bourbon has been a big help too, haha. This week has been great even as busy as it has been. I was able to hang with Halestorm last Wednesday, and with Bush last night.

On Wednesday Joe from Halestorm snapped this photo of me with his Leica camera. Made me look way cooler than I am. His photography is amazing. You should check it out on his Insta @thejoestorm

Last night I had an amazing time with the Bush camp. Bella and Gavin's dog Chewy were endless entertainment all day. The night ended with the Yankees winning game one and Bush putting on one hell of a live show for the fans. I feel extremely blessed to have days like this and to call this crazy rock and roll world home.

This week I released a Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon print for the Best Friends Animal Society weekly photo. I'll be releasing another one this Tuesday. Learn more at

I added Nic Cave, Sturgill Simpson, Dorothy and more to the creative playlist "Make Art Not Friends" I really appreciate everyone who follows it and shares it on their socials. I'll be added more next Sunday.

Until then never comprise your creativity. It's FUCKING yours!

All the best,


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