The road to hell is paved in cruel intentions...

This week my beautiful grandmother turned 97 years young and could still whoop your ass!!! On social media I said 98 and she was very fast to correct me. The hour or so conversation I had with her on the phone was one I’ll never forget. The greatest part was her asking me to write her a letter so she had my new address here in Salt Lake City. Which I did while sipping on some Weller 12 Year bourbon, and being thankful that I can still write letters to the ones I love. I suggest you pull out some paper and write a letter to the ones you love as well. It means more in this world to get a letter than a text message.

This week I released a Joe Hottinger and LZZY Hale print for the Best Friends Animal Society weekly photo. Snapped this photo last week. Love how much energy it has. I'll be releasing another one this Tuesday.
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I added a bunch of songs to the creative playlist "Make Art Not Friends" I really appreciate everyone who follows it and shares it on their socials. To show you that appreciation, anyone who follows the playlist and shares it on there socials will get a promo code for 50% off the entire online store for a month. Email with the links to your shares and I'll send you a code. That simple.

Today I have been working on the Death Wish Coffee menu for the shop. November 8th we are launching our full menu that also includes one of my favorites, the Death Wish Cold Brew Lemon Aid. Soon as I am done with the Marilyn Manson tour I'll be at the shop for the month of November slinging drinks!!! If you're in the area stop by and check it out.

Enjoy your week and we'll see you in the inbox next Sunday.

Until then, never comprise your creativity. It's FUCKING yours!

All the best,


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