Rob Fenn Newsletter: October 6, 2019

Rob Fenn Newsletter: October 6, 2019

Happy Sunday! I am stoked that Cut & Scratch is celebrating two years at it's Payson Main Street location today. When we found the building we knew it was the perfect fit for the shop. All week I have been working on the new coffee menu for the Death Wish Coffee Bar, and also getting ready to add the new section of the shop on Halloween. I hope if your travels find yourself near Payson, UT you stop by and check it out.

This week I released a Marilyn Manson print for the Best Friends Animal Society weekly photo. I'll be releasing another one this Tuesday. Learn more at

As I type this I have the new playlist "Make Art Not Friends" playing. I just updated it with tunes that get my mind rolling in a creative way. Tonight I'll be working on a new website design for a company called OzWood and looking forward to it launching soon. If you like vintage cloths and jewelry you're going to love the site.

Thank you so much for supporting my work and we will see you next Sunday via email when I ramble on again. Until then never comprise your creativity. It's FUCKING yours!

All the best,


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