"It has always been a dream of mine to open a place like this. Thank you to everyone who made it possible!" -Rob Fenn

(Marilyn parked outside of the Payson, UT location.)

Since Rob Fenn was a kid he was fascinated by music. As he grows older his love for music grew as well. When he was 15 his goal in life was to be a successful musician, own his own record label, and have a chain of record stores named Fenner's Place.

Fast-forward to 2015, Rob was kicking around the idea of opening a record store in the same building as his photo studio in Salem, UT. The problem was no one buys records in-store anymore. So how do you start a store that would rely on record sales? You put a service in the store that no one can buy on the Internet but still need in their life.

January 2015, two beers into a poker game with friends at his studio, the idea hit Fenn right up side the head,

"You can't buy a haircut on Amazon!" 

So Fenn took his love for music and coffee, then threw in two traditional barber chairs and opened up Cut & Scratch to the world on June 4th, 2015.

(Fenn & Halestorm book signing at the Salem, UT location)

Fenn knew music, and loved coffee, but had no clue how the Barber Shop world worked. A year after opening the shop and after a few barbers rolled through the shop, Fenn was introduced to Master Barber, Drew White. Drew started building a clientele and slowly the shop started coming into its own.

(Master Barber Drew & Billy Bob Thornton at the Payson, UT location.)

On November 3rd, 2015, Cut & Scratch opened its doors at its new location in Payson, UT, along with the new logo created by Fenn. The new location has been just what the shop needed. Fenn partnered up with Death Wish Coffee and started selling their coffee exclusively in the shop. Master Barber Drew took on an apprentice Michael Greenwood in July 2017 and their clientele continuous to grow. So much so, we are now on an appointment only basis with both Master Barber Drew and his apprentice Michael.

(Master Barber Drew at the Payson, UT location.)

Along with the barbershop features mentioned above, you would also be surprised to know that Cut & Scratch is a dog friendly establishment. You will most likely be greeted at the door by Fenn’s trusted and loving dog, Bella. Bella has been a member of the Cut & Scratch family since June 2016, she is a 2 year old Pit Bull/ Great Dane mix. Dogs are always welcome and encouraged at Cut & Scratch, so please bring your dog in from the car next time you visit.  

(Bella and Rob hanging out at the Payson, UT location.)

As the shop grows, so do the plans to expand into other cities. Brooklyn, NY will be the next stop for Cut & Scratch, and Rob has already scouted locations in London, Paris, and Tokyo as well. Keep an eye out for all of that insanity.


887 East 100 North #3

Payson, UT 84651



ONLINE STORE: store@CutScratch.com