Who the F#@K is Rob Fenn

As one of Rock & Roll’s premier photographers, it’s no wonder why Taylor Momsen describes Rob Fenn as

“The visual soul of rock and roll!”

Since beginning his photography career in 2009, Fenn and the gritty soles of his Converse sneakers have toured all over the world, spanning 33 countries including Russia and Japan. Fenn’s work can be seen all over the world including the album covers of Alice Cooper, Billy Idol, Halestorm, and Rob Zombie.
In 2013, Fenn teamed up with musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie to create the 272 page hard cover photo book, The Zombie Horror Picture Show that was released worldwide on May 23rd, 2014. Fenn and RZ are currently working on another photo book together. In 2014, Fenn released worldwide the 272 page hard cover photo book to HALE and BACK… with Grammy Award winning artists Halestorm. As for his next photo book release, on June 19th, 2018, you can grab Rise Against "Whereabouts Unknown".
Fenn has partnered up with Best Friends Animal Society to release a Rob Fenn Canvas Print every week to help raise money for the non-profit. This has been an extremely successful project and something Fenn is very proud of supporting.
In April 2016, Fenn launched NDR Records. Fenn's label is a true indie label with worldwide distribution. NDR Records features artists The Boxmasters and OBS.
Rob’s next adventure is in the world of film. Fenn is currently working on a handful of movie projects. With influences like Rob Zombie and Bill Bob Thornton there is no telling what will happen with this adventure.
Fenn runs all this insanity out of his office at his all in one Barber Shop, Coffee Shop, and Record Shop, named Cut & Scratch located in Payson, UT. Cut & Scratch is no stranger to Rob’s rock and roll family stopping by while they’re out on the road.
Fenn is proudly represented by In De Goot Entertainment, and is never far away from his ’63 Ford Thunderbird and the open road.
Fenn at the Sunset Marquee in Hollywood, photo by Billy Bob Thornton